In wordpress steem plugin, error occurs


Frankly.. I change my story about my love to wordpress story.

Because I thought that many people can watch this post.


Now I applied wordpress-steem plugin and wrote this.

I found this plugin while reading steemdev.

I think that if I write wordpress and paste to steemit, this is very good.

Because wordpress form is familiar with me.

Also, I can write my hompage and earn steem.

Very good Idea.

you can search “wordpress steem”at plugin list and install.

this post is last post that the developer wrote.

wordpress-steem post

But, I meet error..

“Please wait for 300 seconds to be able to publish this post to the Steem blockchain as there is a 5 minute cooldown.”

So I searched.. how to solve this problem.

I am developer, so I believe that I can solve this problem.

If I solve this problem, I will share..

Thank you for reading this.

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