Steem account creator tool I am developing


스팀코인판 및 여러 시스템에 적용가능한 스팀 계정생성 api를 만들어봤습니다. 만든 김에 ui도 연결해봤습니다.


It is steem-account-creator-tool I am developing.

I wanted to create an account of my friend with my ACT (account creation token).

But, it is very annoying. Because, I had to get the account that he wanted and tell him long master key. Also, if the account he said is already used, I need to ask him again give me another account.

That’s why I develop this tool.

  • Just give my friend this link
  • I can use my ACT easily
  • Newbie can just set master key as he desired.

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